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20 years of impact…and that’s just the beginning

April 24, 2017


Just recently, Vanguard Charitable quietly met a remarkable milestone: $6.5 billion in grants to charitable organizations since inception. Reflecting on this achievement, I confess I find it daunting to wrap my head around what $6.5 billion means to the philanthropic community. What impact it has had and what types of charitable organizations have benefitted from the extraordinary generosity of our donors?


Since our inception 20 years ago, our donors have stretched their arms across the globe and embraced communities in need in all 50 states and in many countries around the world, providing crucial resources and funding. Donors have supported schools and universities, all religious denominations, and causes ranging from scientific research to animal welfare.



Working with charities, donors have approached their giving strategically, with a goal of making an impact today and tomorrow. Some donors are funding organizations annually, ensuring charities stay on target and keep programs running. Other donors are working to fund larger initiatives, such as a capital campaign for a new building or a renovation project. And we find that many of our donors are embracing the next generation and bringing them into the philanthropic conversation today, ensuring their voices are heard and they are prepared to continue the family giving legacy for years to come.


From our experience working closely with donors, we understand that philanthropy looks very different from family to family. As giving patterns vary based on individual and family goals, one of the values of a donor-advised fund is the flexibility it offers donors to choose when and how to support their favorite charities. Our priority is, and has always been, helping you make more of a difference on the causes you are most passionate about. We deliver on that priority by making the process of giving so easy, and delivering you a low cost, high value tool.


As a 20-year old organization, we are just getting started. But our growth and the generosity of our donors has been nothing short of spectacular:



Your team at Vanguard Charitable is constantly thinking about how we can drive our mission – to increase philanthropy and its charitable impact over time – forward. While we are tasking ourselves with this ambitious goal, I have a challenge for you to consider: What can you do differently this year to help you maximize your philanthropic impact?


Reflecting back on the past two decades of impact, I can only imagine what you, our donors, will achieve in the next 20 years and beyond. There is no limit to the impact you can have through charitable giving. There is no cap on the value of your grants. We thank you for including us in your journey. I can’t wait to see where you go—and by extension, take us—from here.



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