You give to charity. But are you receiving all the tax benefits? A Vanguard Charitable donor-advised fund (DAF) is a charitable giving tool that maximizes both your giving potential and your tax-effectiveness. 

Here are five tax advantages you can enjoy with our DAF.

Tax-free growth

Tax-free growth

Contributions to a DAF are invested and grow tax-free. This means the return on your charitable contributions can go straight to the charities you admire. Not all DAFs—or giving tools—will produce the same results. 
If you’re looking for a tool that scales your giving and moves you beyond one-time gifts and year-end appeals, into a broader, more efficient, and more impactful giving strategy, our DAF is right for you. Our menu of investment options is carefully chosen and curated to offer high-performing pools that to boost your giving. Since 1997 our investments have generated an additional $5.4 billion in market returns for our donors to grant to their favorite nonprofits.1  To see an overview of each investment option we offer, click here

Unlock new tax-friendly assets

Unlock new tax-friendly assets

Did you know that savvy donors use non-traditional assets to support many charities with the proceeds from one contribution? Donating appreciated assets often means you won’t be hit with capital gains taxes2 and allows you to give more to charity—sometimes 20% more. You may be surprised at just how many types of assets we can accept—including those that seem unusual. You can mix cash donations with in-kind contributions of appreciated securities or complex assets, such as private equity, limited partnership interests, and much more. 

We’ve expanded our seasoned network of complex asset professionals to offer you the trusted experience you need to give all types of assets. Our dedicated team ensures that donating complex assets is as efficient and effective as possible. Learn more about donating complex assets here


A low all-in fee

A low all-in fee

Tax-free growth—along with our focus on low fees--maximizes your charitable impact. Our industry-low, all-in fee is comprised of an administrative fee and an investment fee. Our investment expense ratios are 88% lower than the industry average3. Wondering how much you will pay in fees? Try our cost calculator at


Looking for even lower fees? Premier account status offers special pricing and additional benefits including multifaceted granting services and direct access to our in-house experts, trusted partners and team for qualifying accounts with ongoing balances of more than $1 million4.  

Build a long-term strategy

Build a long-term strategy

Our DAF amplifies your giving capacity by offering long-term flexibility. You can maximize tax advantages in the years you need them most. One unique aspect of a DAF is the ability to continue charitable giving beyond your lifetime. A giving legacy is an effective way to ensure assets in your account continue to fulfill your giving goals for generations to come. Including your DAF account in your estate plan has the potential to remove assets from your taxable estate and place them in a tax-free, philanthropic environment. Learn more about planning your long term giving strategy. 

Leave the legwork to us

Leave the legwork to us

If you’re looking to leave the onerous record-keeping to someone else, we have you covered. We simplify the paperwork and administrative tasks that go along with donating to charity. We maintain comprehensive giving records in one, easy-to-access location so you’re ready for tax season. Did you know that if a charity isn’t in good standing with the IRS, your direct donation to that organization may not award you the tax deduction? That's one reason why we perform extensive due diligence. We work with you to support the charitable projects most important to you, while satisfying IRS requirements for granting. Looking for charities to support? When you open an account, you have unlimited access to the GuideStar charity directory to help you select and learn about charities. Or try out our digital mapping tool, the Nonprofit Aid Visualizer (NAVi), to find charities in your own backyard!

 1 Additional investment growth calculated from the accumulated returns for all Vanguard Charitable investment pools from Dec. 31, 1997, through Dec. 31, 2020. 
2  Assets must be held for longer than one year. The recipient of a gift (e.g., the charity) recognizes any built-in gains when it sells the asset. Being tax-exempt, the charity generally does not experience any negative income-tax consequences.

3 This number represents Vanguard Charitable’s investment fee average compared to the industry average fee, which is calculated based on the average expense ratios charged by other donor-advised fund sponsors, according to the most recent publicly available fee schedules.
4 Eligibility for Premier benefits is subject to Vanguard Charitable approval, which is based on account balance, activity, and patterns.


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