Guide your clients from passion to lasting impact

Our free Giving Matters Guide is designed to help you support the philanthropic needs of your clients, regardless of where they are in their charitable journeys. As a trusted advisor, you are uniquely positioned to help your clients meaningfully integrate their charitable plan into their overall wealth management strategy. Having this conversation allows you to build trust and deeper relationships with your clients, their families, and the generations to come.


We know that every client’s situation is different—this guide serves both new givers and experienced philanthropists. Simply start at the beginning or find the section that works best for you both.

Differentiate yourself and your practice:

  • Integrate tax-effective charitable giving into overall wealth management
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the current philanthropic landscape
  • Deepen relationships with your clients and their families
  • Engage the next generation
  • Maximize your client’s charitable impact

For more information about the Vanguard Charitable Giving Matters Guide or the support we provide for professional advisors, please contact us.


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