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Charitable Strategies part three | Find and focus on your charitable passion

In part two of our charitable strategies series, we examined two giving scenarios to evaluate the best time to donate for your giving goals. In this segment, we’ll help you find and focus in on your charitable passions so that you can create a plan to achieve your giving goals.

Charitable strategies part two | Plan to make a difference

As a donor, you may decide you want to recommend $10,000 to charity. Is it better to give that as a one-time lump sum or should you schedule smaller grants over a multi-year period?

How donor-advised funds can help charities during a recession

In an economic downturn, charities can face a double whammy: higher need and fewer donations. A new study by H. Daniel Heist and Danielle Vance-McMullen indicates that donor-advised funds (DAFs), like those sponsored by Vanguard Charitable, may help address this problem. Evidence suggests that donor-advised funds, unlike other charitable giving tools, continue to support charity at roughly the same rate during recessions, providing nonprofits with a much-needed boost. This approach to giving highlights both the long-term potential of a DAF and the flexibility of the tool, which allows donors to adapt to changing events and the ongoing needs of charities. 

Charitable strategies part one | Pay less to give more

It’s counterintuitive to spend money to give money away, but giving tools can be helpful for managing your philanthropy and making your giving more effective. In part one of our series, we will dive deep into how you can make the greatest impact on your charitable giving by using cost-saving tools.