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Values-driven work

October 23, 2018

By Jessie Neff

I am so grateful to be part of a team with such committed individuals. Each and every day, my coworkers and I work diligently to increase charitable giving by helping our donors achieve their philanthropic goals. Whether they are engaging with our donors on the phone or are improving the donor experience by working on technology projects, the staff are all connected to and engaged by our mission: to increase philanthropy and maximize its impact over time.

At any time of year, our donors are ready to give to causes they care about, springing into action whenever support is needed. For example, when the devastating number of natural disasters occurred last fall, our donors responded immediately, inspiring Vanguard Charitable team members to do whatever it took to ensure our donors’ charitable dollars were utilized to the fullest potential. At the end of each calendar year, I am amazed by the incredible granting by our donors and the dedication that our team members put towards making sure those grants are sent as quickly as possible. Every individual here is striving to be the best at everything he or she does because the outcomes are so important and meaningful.

I joined Vanguard Charitable because I wanted to align my own values with my professional goals. I call this “values-driven work.” There is an amazing feeling of joy in working for a cause you believe in. Nonprofits provide a unique opportunity to maximize your talents while pursuing your passions. Working for a good and common goal is a huge benefit to working for a mission-driven organization.

In addition to supporting our donors' philanthropic goals, our team gets opportunities to support charities that are important both to our local community and also to our individual interests. Vanguard Charitable provides employees with annual opportunities to volunteer during the work week. These include Community Days, which provide a group volunteer experience in the local community and an individual "Volunteer PTO" day, which offers a personalized volunteer experience. The purpose of these days is to foster an environment that inspires a personal connection to Vanguard Charitable’s mission.

Just as no two donors are alike, the same can be said for our team members here at Vanguard Charitable. The common thread among us is that we all share one objective of fulfilling our mission of increasing philanthropy and maximizing its impact over time. Working towards this common good, and the sense of community it creates, is one of the most rewarding parts of being part of the team at Vanguard Charitable.

Working at Vanguard Charitable enables me to live and work with a purpose, leverage skills I have developed, obtain a sense of fulfillment, and support the national and local community in many ways.

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