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The Giving Matters blog is a way for our leadership team to share their perspectives on trends in philanthropy, charitable planning strategies, and more.

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Ann Gill's picture

Working together: Private foundations & donor-advised funds

March 01, 2016

When comparing your private foundation to donor-advised funds, many ask the same question: Do I maintain my foundation or open a philanthropic account? For those with a private foundation, considering other charitable giving vehicles to maximize the impact of your philanthropy can often be seen as an "either/or" decision. While both of these giving options offer different benefits, the choice doesn't have to be one or the other.

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Jane Greenfield's picture

The journey to my charitable passions

November 05, 2015

In philanthropy, determining your charitable passions is an important step to creating a philanthropic mission statement and focusing your giving for greater impact. However, finding the causes you care about most is no simple task. 

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Ann Gill's picture

Taking charge of the philanthropy talk

August 13, 2015

Over the past few years, it has been reported that many high net worth individuals are unsatisfied with the philanthropic conversations they have with their financial advisors. The reasons noted most often are the reluctance of advisors to initiate charitable conversations, lack of meaningful content, and the infrequency of these discussions. 

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Rebecca Moffett's picture

Different goals, different giving strategies: Solving your philanthropic puzzle

July 21, 2015

Discovering who you are as a philanthropist is like assembling a puzzle: You may know what the end result should look like, but finding the right pieces takes time and effort. 

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Rebecca Moffett's picture

Different goals, different giving strategies: Balancing time and risk

June 24, 2015

In philanthropy, no two donors have the same charitable goals. Each person is driven by different emotions and philosophies, making charitable objectives unique to each individual. These personal differences not only show in what they wish to achieve, but also through the strategies employed to reach those achievements. 

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Rebecca Moffett's picture

Think like a business, give like a philanthropist

June 15, 2015

For many, philanthropy is an emotional activity. We are often drawn to give through a combination of events in our life, values passed down through generations, and heartfelt solicitations that connect to our shared human experiences. Giving to every cause that elicits emotion may feel right in the moment, but unplanned or inconsistent gifts may not create lasting charitable impact. 

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Ann Gill's picture

Creating your charitable investing roadmap

April 29, 2015

In any area of life or business, deciding to change habits or practices is only half of the battle. Then comes another difficult undertaking: Implementation. 

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Ann Gill's picture

Give without purpose

October 30, 2014

When giving at year-end, the time constraints, solicitations from your favorite charities, and looming tax considerations can feel overwhelming, leaving many donors rushing to make donations late in December. But how can you give to a charity's greatest need during this time of year? Give without purpose. 

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James Barnes's picture

"But I'm not a billionaire:" High-input versus high-impact philanthropy

September 03, 2014

"Philanthropist" can be a scary title. It evokes names like Gates, Rockefeller, and Pew, all families and individuals with seemingly infinite assets to give. But for most, we are not the Gates and Pews of the world: We have limited funds to draw from for our charitable giving. 

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John J. Brennan's picture

Putting philanthropy in the budget

October 30, 2013

While it's true that one of the many benefits of charitable giving--the feeling you get from knowing that you made a difference--falls into the realm of the intangible, I'm a firm believer that philanthropy has to be strategic, both in how it's funded and in how those funds are invested in worthy causes. In other words, if you want to help make sure that your desire to give becomes reality, put philanthropy in your budget. 

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