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The Giving Matters blog is a way for our leadership team to share their perspectives on trends in philanthropy, charitable planning strategies, and more.

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James Barnes's picture

"But I'm not a billionaire:" High-input versus high-impact philanthropy

September 03, 2014

"Philanthropist" can be a scary title. It evokes names like Gates, Rockefeller, and Pew, all families and individuals with seemingly infinite assets to give. But for most, we are not the Gates and Pews of the world: We have limited funds to draw from for our charitable giving. 

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John J. Brennan's picture

Putting philanthropy in the budget

October 30, 2013

While it's true that one of the many benefits of charitable giving--the feeling you get from knowing that you made a difference--falls into the realm of the intangible, I'm a firm believer that philanthropy has to be strategic, both in how it's funded and in how those funds are invested in worthy causes. In other words, if you want to help make sure that your desire to give becomes reality, put philanthropy in your budget. 

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James Barnes's picture

Involving younger generations in giving

September 04, 2013

Our donors often express interest in involving their children and grandchildren in their philanthropy. We hear a desire to "instill a passion to help others" or develop "a habit of giving." Many of these individuals recognize that a donor-advised fund is a great way to include family and teach them about giving, and they hope to use the tool to establish long-term charitable legacies. 

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