Your giving personality

Congratulations! You’re an Empathetic Explorer. You’re often on the leading edge of the best and brightest new ideas in philanthropy. You’ve got a global outlook because you know that broad-scale, systemic change requires broad-scale, systemic investment. You care about the big picture, and you want your legacy to be one of catalytic change. Others would say you’re intelligent, efficient, and connected, always looking for new solutions to the world’s old problems. 


You are an expert in convening people and ideas to discover bold new approaches. For an Empathetic Explorer, charitable grant dollars aren’t gifts but investments – and you expect a real, tangible return on those investments. You are a magnet for like-minded individuals that share your vision for the future and often look to you for ideas and advice. You are a connector among your peers, you find ways to jump-start true change as a group. 


Giving can sometimes feel like an overwhelming responsibility, and it isn’t easy. But you do your homework, crunch the numbers, and work to optimize your tax strategy to make your giving go further. Because at the end of the day, joining with others—in the fight for a better community and a better future—is the true reward.

How can a donor-advised fund (DAF) at Vanguard Charitable support your giving?

When it’s time to give to charity, some people write a check out of habit. But giving with a check misses out on other potential tax benefits. Because of that, charitable giving is going through a massive shift. Donors are moving from a more traditional, single-event style of financial giving – to a more long-term, high-performing philanthropic strategy.  As a result, vehicles like DAFs have become the fastest-growing charitable tool.


As a strategic giver, you may have considered many options for how to give effectively. We think a DAF is the best way to invest, grow, and give assets to charities for meaningful and lasting impact. Informed by time-tested investment principles, we offer high-quality investments across a range of asset classes that span the risk spectrum. We keep all-in fees low without sacrificing investment performance to ensure your charitable donations grow tax-free and make the greatest impact possible for your favorite charities. 


Did you know that you can donate securities and other appreciated assets to our DAF and turn those assets into charitable dollars? Donating these assets is a simple way to amplify your charitable giving and incorporate it into your broader tax strategy. You can also make a bigger charitable impact with a Vanguard Charitable DAF by using our streamlined international granting process or our recurring granting feature that allows you to easily provide sustained support to your favorite charities and causes.  

Resources to help you:

Charitable tax center

Are you interested in learning how giving through a DAF helps with tax planning? Our Charitable Tax Center is a knowledge hub for charitably focused, tax-related information. Learn more about what and when to give and find answers to common questions.

Cost Calculator

Wondering how much you will pay in fees? Try our cost calculator. Estimate your expected all-in fee for the assets you wish to donate.


Easily find and support charities working on the front lines of COVID-19’s health and economic crises with NAVi™. This groundbreaking new tool provides a wealth of data on an interactive platform, making it easy to find charities solving the problems you care about most. NAVi now also features internationally focused organizations that are supporting COVID-19 relief and recovery.

Giving Matters Guide

Map your charitable plan with this guide. Philanthropists like you dream big and understand that charitable giving is more than responding to individual solicitations with one-time gifts. It is strategic, built for long-term impact, and aligned to a purposeful mission.

Where do donors like you give?1



Health nonprofits include a broad range of organizations concerned with the body or mind. Hospitals, substance abuse and additional treatment programs, diseases and disease research, medical disciplines and specialty research, and mental health and crisis services all fall into this category.

Environment & Animal

Environment & Animal

Environmental organizations are dedicated to reclaiming and preserving natural resources and mitigating the effects of climate change. They range from recycling programs to wetlands management to garden clubs.


Animal nonprofits include humane societies, bird and wildlife sanctuaries, fisheries, veterinary organizations, zoos, and animal-training nonprofits.



International organizations focus their efforts outside U.S. borders. Development relief organizations, human rights advocates, peace and security nonprofits, and organizations promoting international understanding fall into this category.

What do donors like you say about their giving?

“Donating to the causes you care about not only benefits the charities themselves, but it can also be deeply rewarding for you too. Millions of people give to charity regularly to support causes they believe in, as well as for the positive effect it has on their own lives.”

Meet the other personas

The Transformational Trailblazer

Transformational Trailblazers are passionate about finding innovative nonprofits and niche projects that make a meaningful and lasting impact.


Click on the image to read more

The Transformational Trailblazer

Their giving is motivated by deeply held beliefs on issues like social justice, equity, global development, and empowerment.


Transformational Trailblazers are often first to raise their hands to volunteer their time and expertise to causes.

The Humble Humanitarian

Humble Humanitarians are local leaders that care deeply about their community. They wake up every day determined to do their part to leave the world a better place.


Click on the image to read more

The Humble Humanitarian

The Humble Humanitarian wants to understand what a nonprofit’s impact has been in no uncertain terms.


They are driven to support nonprofits with hard-earned reputations.


Above all else, Humble Humanitarians value changes in their local community that they can see with their own eyes.

The Living Legacy

For a Living Legacy, involving their family is a key component of their overall philanthropic approach. This makes a Living Legacy feel closer to them, strengthening bonds between family members and across generations.


Click on the image to read more

The Living Legacy

Creating the next generation of givers.


They conduct a significant amount of research into the organizations they support.


Seeing concrete results that a Living Legacy helped bring about makes them feel immense pride and hope for the future.


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