Total charitable impact


Best practices for partnering

Our goal is to fulfill grants on behalf of our donors in an efficient and timely manner--and ensure your organization receives its check.

Due diligence

We follow a strict due diligence process that requires we research your charity's standing with the IRS and confirm any money sent will be used for philanthropic purposes and is fully tax-deductible. To complete our due diligence process, we may need to contact you.

We may need to collect or confirm specific organization information.

  • Contact or development lead
  • Employee identification number
  • Legal charity name
  • Mailing address
  • Mission statement

Religious, government, or supporting organizations require additional documents.

Learn more about Vanguard Charitable's due diligence process.


We understand you are inclined to thank and recognize all your donors. However, gifts from our philanthropic accounts present a unique situation for you: Individuals contributed, took a tax deduction, and were thanked by Vanguard Charitable and then, under their recommendation, we are donating our money to you.

Our donors choose how they want to be attributed, and all grants issued by Vanguard Charitable are accompanied by a letter indicating this information. Some donors release their names and contact information, while others wish only to reveal their account name or nothing at all. We respect our donors' recognition preferences and will never release unauthorized information. You may thank them, as long as the acknowledgement for the gift goes to Vanguard Charitable and a tax receipt is not issued.