Leave a legacy of giving

Continue your philanthropy beyond your lifetime by crafting a legacy of giving that reflects your charitable values.

A giving legacy, laid out in a succession plan, is an effective way to ensure the assets remaining in your philanthropic account continue to fulfill your charitable mission. Choose from a variety of options to mix, match, and build a plan that meets your philanthropic needs.

Leave a charitable legacy

Succession plans that support your charitable legacy are set up to be flexible and can be changed or amended at any time if needed.

Account advisors may recommend account succession plans, which are enacted when advisors are deceased or unable to manage account processes. Vanguard Charitable remains the sole owner of the assets within the account and has full discretion to invest and grant the assets.

If you do not choose a succession plan, your account's assets will automatically transfer to The General Fund, an account managed by Vanguard Charitable's trustees and used to issue grants to a variety of charitable causes.

Giving Legacy brochure - Vanguard Charitable Craft your giving legacy:
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