Total charitable impact


Endow grants to charity

Recommend your account's remaining assets go directly to nonprofit organizations as a last testament to your charitable mission by endowing final or recurring grants.

Recommend final grants to charity. Recommend one or more charities to receive a final grant from your remaining account balance.

Transfer remaining account assets to Vanguard Charitable's Philanthropic Impact Fund. The Philanthropic Impact Fund is managed by Vanguard Charitable's board of trustees and used to issue grants primarily to nonprofits whose work seeks to improve philanthropy by developing and delivering resources to help donors make effective giving decisions and help charitable organizations operate efficiently.

Establish recurring grants. Recommend one or more charities receive a recurring grant based on a percentage of your remaining account balance through an endowed grant plan.* Total annual distribution must exceed 5% and can be distributed across any month except November or December, because of seasonal transaction volume. Over time, remaining account funds will continue to grow tax-free through investments.

  • Term: Recurring grants may continue for a specific time or as long as the account's size and growth continue to exceed distributions. While accounts are not permanent endowments, theoretically, your recurring grants could continue indefinitely if the account growth, which depends on financial markets and investment choice, outpaces the distributions. The minimum term for an Endowed Grant Plan is five years.

  • Termination: Remaining account assets will be distributed in a lump sum at the conclusion of a predetermined term, or sooner if the account balance can no longer support the required distribution to designated charities. If no term is indicated, the remaining account assets will be distributed when the account can no longer support the required distribution.

  • Amendments: The Endowed Grant Plan can be changed any time before it is enacted, as long as all current account advisors are able to sign the amendment.

Legacy option 2

Charities identified as recurring or final grant recipients in the succession plan will be subject to review once the plan is enacted to ensure they remain in good standing with the IRS. If a charity ceases to exist or no longer meets the IRS guidelines for qualified grantee organizations, Vanguard Charitable will choose a comparable charity to receive the grant.

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*Endowed grant plans must use 100% of an account's remaining assets and cannot be combined with other succession plan options. Please review our Policies and guidelines for more information.