Total charitable impact


Over the past 10 years, 15,330 donors have chosen to give to charity with Vanguard Charitable's donor-advised fund. 

Who are these donors? How much are they giving away? Where is the money going, and how is it being used? Are these donors making a difference with a 
donor-advised fund? 

In An inside look, we reflect on 10 years of granting at Vanguard Charitable, a leading, national donor-advised fund--analyzing trends in our donors' giving patterns and preferences and identifying ways we can all "give more." 

Through our study, we found that when giving with a DAF:
  • 73% of donors are involved with the charities they support.
  • 61% of donors are strategic with their philanthropy.
Download the study and discover the difference that a donor-advised fund makes. 

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