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Introduction of new investment option

August 21, 2018


This October, as part of a broader improvement to our investment offer, we are delighted to introduce Income, a new multi-fund portfolio solution. This new investment option seeks to preserve principal while earning current income through an asset allocation of 20% stock/80% bond, and is designed for donors seeking to maximize charitable giving in the next 0-5 years, while still growing their account. Income aligns with our other professionally rebalanced, target allocation investment options and provides a lower risk opportunity to invest in a mix of stocks and bonds.  

In conjunction with the introduction of Income, we will be retiring our Gift Preservation investment option, beginning September 19, 2018. Assets invested in Gift Preservation will be automatically exchanged into Income; you do not need to opt-in to this transaction. Donors wishing to choose an alternative allocation for those assets may recommend an exchange prior to September 19. Assets in Gift Preservation after September 19 will remain invested but will be inaccessible to donors for transactions until the exchange is complete on October 5, 2018.


Important information regarding grant recommendations:

We kindly request that donors avoid using Gift Preservation funds for any new grant recommendations. This will help prevent potential grant delays during the freeze period. If you have future or recurring grant schedules already established, please review your investment allocations prior to September 19 and adjust accordingly. If you need assistance with grant reallocation, please contact Vanguard Charitable.


Keep an eye out for further details about our new investment lineup, including several new options. Thank you for your continued support of philanthropy.