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August 28, 2019


The Amazon rainforest is on fire. Some reports suggest that as many as 9,000 new wildfires have started in the rainforest over the past several weeks. And, while forest fires in the Amazon are not a new phenomenon, the number of fires currently burning and affected land area are unprecedented.

The Amazon produces 20% of the Earth’s oxygen. Not only do the wildfires threaten to disrupt our production of oxygen and Earth’s delicate elemental balance, but they are also affecting countless groups of indigenous people and endangering the rainforest’s rich biodiversity.

While it can be difficult to know exactly how to help, Vanguard Charitable believes donors should feel confident supporting these highly-rated organizations. All of the charities featured in this list have well-established programs that advocate for the Amazon’s indigenous people groups, as well as responsible land use and forestry. These organizations have confirmed they are raising funds for programs specific to wildfire recovery in the Amazon.

Vanguard Charitable has confirmed that the organizations in the table below are supporting relief efforts for areas affected by the recent disasters and has expedited the granting process so that your contribution can be put to use as quickly as possible. To support these charities or others:

  1. Log in to your online account.

  2. ‚ÄčOn the Account summary page, click Recommend a grant.

  3. Select the charity to which you would like to recommend a grant. If the organization is not saved
    to your saved charities list, click “Add a new charity” to search GuideStar search by EIN to find the organization.

  4. Choose the specific grant purpose titled Disaster Relief in the third step of the
    grant recommendation process. If you want to donate to a specific disaster, indicate so in the space provided.

If you do not have online access to your account, you can register here.


Charity name Employer Identification Number Additional information
Amazon Conservation Association 52-2211305 The Amazon Conservation Association is providing for long-term needs and prevention efforts across the western Amazon, including fire prevention trainings for local communities and governments, as well as using satellite technology to locate forest fires with real-time reporting of this information to local authorities.
Rainforest Foundation US 95-1622945 The Rainforest Foundation is funding other organizations to provide aid, provide for long-term needs, general relief/aid, reforestation of degraded lands and to decrease fires in the long term; forest monitoring and action to prevent destruction, and immediate advocacy needs for indigenous groups.

The nonprofit community's response will be ongoing, and as such, this list is not meant to be exhaustive.

For additional resources and information on how you can support disaster relief efforts, visit Charity Navigator or reference The Center for Disaster Philanthropy's website. Vanguard Charitable encourages you to approach disaster relief the same way you approach all giving: strategically. Learn more about the best ways to support disaster relief efforts.