Total charitable impact


Vanguard Charitable donors step up to help relief efforts

September 28, 2017

*Totals have been updated as of November 30, 2017.

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With a string of recent disasters wreaking destruction and hardship in Texas, Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Vanguard Charitable donors have responded by issuing more than 2,800 grants totaling over $15 million to disaster relief and recovery efforts. The average grant has been just under $5,400. These totals do not include grants sent to disasters relief organizations’ general operating budgets, which may very well also support current or future disaster relief efforts.


Recipient organizations recognize and appreciate the support they have received from Vanguard Charitable donors, especially at a time when the need is so great.


“When children’s lives have been turned upside down, like they are right now by recent disasters, Save the Children is the first to respond—and our recovery and relief efforts are only possible through the outpouring of generosity from donors,” said Save the Children President and CEO Carolyn Miles. “Save the Children is incredibly grateful for the generous support from Vanguard Charitable clients. It has helped us distribute essential supplies to children and families, set up safe, child friendly spaces in emergency shelters, and work to restore children’s access to education and child care.”


Vanguard Charitable donor Arthur Wigchers typically meets with his family to make group decisions about where to send funds after disasters occur. “Using a donor-advised fund helps us direct donations more quickly to where the greatest needs are,” Mr. Wigchers said, stressing the importance of being able to include his children in charitable giving decisions. “The donor-advised fund helps us communicate and take action because it’s so easy, organized, and flexible.”


Mr. Wigchers, who also serves on the Foundation Board of Catholic Relief Services, a nonprofit focused on disaster rescue, relief, and long-term recovery in affected areas overseas, noted that donations help “get children back to normalcy… and people back to sustainable livelihoods.” Following the recent disasters, Vanguard Charitable donors have given more than $310,000 to Catholic Relief Services, its sister charity, Catholic Charities USA, and its local agencies.


Public and media attention typically fade before long-term recovery efforts can begin in earnest, and experts warn of “giving fatigue” in times when multiple disasters occur in quick succession. Vanguard Charitable donors are uniquely positioned to continue to support the important work going on in the affected areas.


To learn how you can support disaster relief, click here.