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Updates and enhancements to ease your philanthropic giving and granting

Updated November 21, 2017

New Updates

Expanded options for contributing from Vanguard accounts

In the past two months we have streamlined and clarified online contribution entry and funding instructions, increased the threshold for online contribution of Vanguard assets held in Vanguard Brokerage Accounts to $2 million, and introduced convenient new ways to authenticate contributions of assets over $2 million.


Beginning November 21, 2017, donors holding assets in trust accounts at Vanguard are now eligible for online contribution entry without needing additional paperwork.  Assets now available for online entry are those that meeting all of the following requirements:



  • The value of the gift is less than or equal to $ 2 million.
  • All registered owners have a logon.
  • Contribution is from an individual, joint or trust account.
  • NOTE: If you wish to identify cost basis, you must submit instructions the same day.
    Click here to learn how.


If you have questions about your Vanguard account(s), please contact Vanguard or your designated Vanguard representative. 


Tips for year-end giving

As the calendar year begins to wind down, Vanguard Charitable recommends the following tips to help ease giving and granting during this busy time.

  1. Register and utilize your online philanthropic account to recommend grants or enter contributions in minutes at any time. Giving online not only saves you time, but reduces the use of paper forms--allowing us to benefit the environment while supporting charity.

  2. If you haven't logged into your account recently or have trouble, you can reset your password electronically, any time of day, without needing to call Vanguard Charitable.

  3. Review your account details to ensure your contact information is up to date and accurate, especially your email address.
  4. If you are a Vanguard client, please ensure all account owners are registered online with and Vanguard voice verificationTM, as it may ease certain transactions.
  5. Carefully review our year-end contribution and grant deadlines.
  6. Plan ahead. November and December are our busiest months; the earlier you are able to enter your transactions, the better the chance they are completed in 2017.

Recent Updates

Important information on our Policies and guidelines

Vanguard Charitable established its Policies and guidelines to ensure that we can effectively meet our mission to increase philanthropy and support our donors' goals.

The Policies and guidelines will take effect and be available beginning October 1, 2017.

Updates to the Policies and guidelines include:

  • Expanded description and information about Vanguard Charitable’s Philanthropic Impact Fund (formerly The General Fund). Read more about our board-managed fund here.
  • The asset liquidation schedule for securities has been updated to reflect the federally-mandated change in trade settlement from T+3 to T+2.

  No other major updates or policy changes were made at this time.  Please contact us with any questions.


Exclusive nonprofit research directory launched to benefit donors

September 19, 2017 – We officially launched the GuideStar National Nonprofit Directory, an easy-to-use charitable giving research tool built directly into the online grant recommendation process.  This enhanced service, available exclusively to Vanguard Charitable donors at no extra cost, allows comprehensive filter and search functionality and access to data on more than 2.6 million nonprofit organizations.