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Vanguard Charitable welcomes chief information officer


Vanguard Charitable is pleased to announce that Carol Dow will join the organization as chief information officer. Ms. Dow, who brings with her multiple decades of IT leadership, will oversee our technology strategy and portfolio.

"We are pleased to welcome Carol to the team and look forward to working with her to support our donors’ charitable goals,” said President Jane Greenfield. “She brings with her extensive IT knowledge, both in small and large business structures and across a variety of complex systems. Our donors and the nonprofit organizations they support will benefit from her experience."

Most recently, Ms. Dow served as a Vanguard principal in Global Investment Financial Systems, which delivers technology solutions for Vanguard’s investment teams. Her efforts—which have taken her around the globe, from Vanguard’s headquarters in Malvern to offices in London and Melbourne, Australia—played a critical role in Vanguard’s drive to automate their investment processes to support 24-hour trading cycles.

Prior to her current role, Ms. Dow managed teams responsible for Vanguard’s largest, most complex systems, including the central repository for shareholder account information, Investment Management and Fund Accounting Services, and intranet capabilities. At one point, she served as Vanguard’s CTO.

"Vanguard Charitable has an exciting mission to increase philanthropy," said Ms. Dow. "I look forward to supporting donors’ giving preferences and contributing to the incredible impact the donors and Vanguard Charitable, collectively, are creating.”

Over 20 plus years, Vanguard Charitable has grown to become one of the largest grantmaking organizations in the United States, issuing billions of dollars in grants to charities, and supporting an ever-growing number of donors in their philanthropic pursuits. Centralizing the technology strategy under a chief information officer will enable the organization to continue to serve its growing donor base and their giving preferences.