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Vanguard Charitable 8th largest grantmaker in the U.S.


April 4, 2017


Vanguard Charitable, a leading national donor-advised fund, recently announced its rank as the 8th largest grantmaker in the United States. Grantmakers, such as donor-advised funds and foundations, are organizations that receive charitable contributions from individuals and corporations, and then redistribute the funds to support various causes.


In fiscal year 2015, Vanguard Charitable granted nearly $700 million to nonprofit organizations throughout the country--placing the organization among other well-known and trusted grantmakers such as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Feeding America, and World Vision. Granting volumes have continued to grow, and earlier this year Vanguard Charitable reached more than $6.5 billion granted to charity since its inception 20 years ago.


“Our donors take their granting responsibilities very seriously, and we are inspired by their generosity,” said Vanguard Charitable President Jane Greenfield. “They are not only generous each year, but they often plan their granting activities in advance, which allows them to be more strategic in their giving, and to have greater impact. The story of our donors’ generosity goes beyond the dollars granted in just one year.”


Since 1997, Vanguard Charitable has grown to support the charitable interests of more than 20,000 donors. Vanguard Charitable donors routinely recommend grants to meet the most critical needs in the United States and abroad, supporting a wide range of causes and organizations.


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1 Based on data from fiscal year 2015, the most current information available for all grantmakers.