Your giving personality

As a Transformational Trailblazer, you are passionate about finding innovative nonprofits and niche projects that make a meaningful and lasting impact. Your deeply held beliefs on issues like social justice, equity, global development, and empowerment are what motivate and guide your giving – and you actively work to match your giving with those deep-seated beliefs.


Now more than ever, personal, face-to-face connections matter to you: both with your peers and the nonprofits and causes you care about. You’re the first to raise your hand and volunteer, not just your time, but also your expertise. Because you believe that giving isn’t just about the money; it’s about being part of a movement.


Some may even call you an expert in charitable giving and look to you for ideas and inspiration. You’re frequently ahead of the curve in identifying new and innovative solutions to age-old problems, and you always have been!


You know that global problems require global solutions, and you support nonprofits both at home and abroad.


And you know that ethical investing isn’t just a tagline. It’s the most important way to align your investing with your values.

How can a donor-advised fund (DAF) at Vanguard Charitable support your giving?

Giving today is going through a massive shift. Donors are moving from a more traditional, single-event style of financial giving to a more long-term, high-performing charitable strategy. As a result, vehicles like donor-advised funds (DAFs) have become the fastest-growing philanthropic tool.


A DAF is a charitable giving account designed exclusively to invest, grow, and give assets to charities for meaningful and lasting impact. Vanguard Charitable’s DAF accounts enable impact to multiply, helping you take your giving further. DAFs are strong charitable engines that churn out donations and help power the philanthropic sector in a typical year. And when the unthinkable happens, they are also equipped with special extra gear. In the past few years alone, we've seen our donors respond meaningfully in the wake of various crises.


Guided by Vanguard's time-tested, long-term performance principles, we at Vanguard Charitable balance the highest levels of service with the lowest cost ratios. We're more than an investment partner; we're a team of philanthropy-focused innovators.


Researching a charity's mission, plans, and financial position is a great way to start your effective granting with a DAF. We offer resources, tools, and insights to help you make a bigger impact and feel confident in the nonprofits you choose. We launched the Nonprofit Aid Visualizer™, NAVi, an interactive mapping tool that allows you to search for charities providing COVID-19 relief, both in your back yard and across the country. Additionally, we fully understand when your charitable intentions extend beyond U.S. borders. If you wish to recommend grants to international nonprofits, we have a process that literally allows you to change the world.

Resources to help you:

Charitable tax center

Are you interested in learning how giving through a DAF helps with tax planning? Our Charitable Tax Center is a knowledge hub for charitably focused, tax-related information. Learn more about what and when to give and find answers to common questions.

The Value in Giving Podcast

Hosted by Vanguard Charitable President Jane Greenfield, The Value in Giving podcast explores how philanthropy creates lasting change in the world. Jane brings together leaders from nonprofit organizations and community foundations across the world of philanthropy for rich discussions.


Easily find and support charities working on the front lines of COVID-19’s health and economic crises with NAVi™. This groundbreaking new tool provides a wealth of data on an interactive platform, making it easy to find charities solving the problems you care about most. NAVi now also features internationally focused organizations that are supporting COVID-19 relief and recovery.

Discover Charities

Discover and evaluate nonprofits working on disaster relief, social justice, and other cause areas. These charities, identified by our trusted partners, have strong reputations and have proven to be popular among our donors.

Where do donors like you give?1

Human Services

Human Services

Human service nonprofits are the organizations that most people think of when they hear the word nonprofit. They feed the hungry, assist crime victims, provide job training, and house the homeless. These organizations also help people prepare for and recover from disasters, maintain public spaces like playgrounds and athletic fields, advocate for children, and offer programs to help young people contribute meaningfully to society.

Public & societal benefit

Public & societal benefit

Public and societal benefit nonprofits work in the areas of civil rights and civil liberties, community improvement, philanthropy and volunteerism, and voter education and registration.



International organizations focus their efforts outside U.S. borders. Development relief organizations, human rights advocates, peace and security nonprofits, and organizations promoting international understanding fall into this category.

What do donors like you say about their giving?

"There is the tax benefit. There's also a community. This idea that you put your money where your mouth or your passion is. I think the most important thing is being part of something bigger than yourself."

Meet the other personas

The Humble Humanitarian

Humble Humanitarians are local leaders that care deeply about their community. They wake up every day determined to do their part to leave the world a better place.


Click on the image to read more

The Humble Humanitarian

The Humble Humanitarian wants to understand what a nonprofit’s impact has been in no uncertain terms.


They are driven to support nonprofits with hard-earned reputations.


Above all else, Humble Humanitarians value changes in their local community that they can see with their own eyes.

The Empathetic Explorer

Empathetic Explorers have a global outlook that focuses on broad-scale, systemic changes, requiring broad-scale, systemic investment.


Click on the image to read more

The Empathetic Explorer

They care about the big picture and want their legacy to be one of catalytic change.


For them, charitable dollars aren’t just gifts but investments – and they expect a real, tangible return on those investments.

The Living Legacy

For a Living Legacy, involving their family is a key component of their overall philanthropic approach. This makes a Living Legacy feel closer to them, strengthening bonds between family members and across generations.


Click on the image to read more

The Living Legacy

Creating the next generation of givers.


They conduct a significant amount of research into the organizations they support.


Seeing concrete results that a Living Legacy helped bring about makes them feel immense pride and hope for the future.


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