Take your charitable giving to the next level in 2024. Here’s how.

Jan 10, 2024

The new year is traditionally a time for deep reflection and committed action. That’s why so many of us use the first days in January to forge New Year’s resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions made by holiday revelers is “getting healthy.” 


As we all know, getting healthy takes more than a healthy dose of willpower to achieve. Whether it’s eating better or exercising more, those who take on this perennial challenge should have specific steps in mind to help them accomplish their freshly minted goals. 


The same goes for philanthropic endeavors. Resolving to take your charitable giving further in 2024 requires motivation but also methodology. 


To maximize your chances of success in achieving your charitable New Year’s resolutions, you need a charitable giving plan that helps shape and sustain your giving goals and make your gift more impactful throughout the year. That’s where MyGiving comes in. 


Unlock your charitable giving impact with MyGiving


As one of the top grantmakers in the United States for the last 25 years, we know that when donors have a plan, they tend to give more to charity. We are laser-focused on increasing giving and providing donors with advanced, transparent, and user-friendly solutions that help them achieve their giving goals. 


Vanguard Charitable’s innovative MyGiving platform helps you actively consider your philanthropy and strategically steer future giving decisions. Designed to align values with giving strategies, MyGiving empowers donors to be thoughtful, effective, and consistent in their charitable giving. Linked directly to your Vanguard Charitable donor-advised fund (DAF), MyGiving makes putting your charitable giving plan into action seamless and easy. 


Through a four-pronged approach, donors can strategically plan, track, review, and analyze their giving strategy.




MyGiving's MyCauses Module

Get to know the goals behind your giving. Pinpoint what drives your generosity with prompts for meaningful self-reflection with guided questions around causes, values, geographies, and populations that you want to focus on. 


Some of the specific questions that MyFocus can help you answer are:


  • What cause areas are most important to me? 
  • What values do I want my giving to embody? 
  • Where geographically do I want my giving to go? 
  • Are there any population groups or specific demographics that I want to support with my giving? 






MyGiving MyStyleKnowing how you give is as important as knowing where and why to give. What do your motivations say about you as a giver? Have they changed since you first opened your account? What approach to meeting your goals is likely to work best for you? 


Take the quiz to discover your unique giving style and understand your preferences. Are you a Transformational Trailblazer or a Humble Humanitarian? An Empathetic Explorer or a Living Legacy? Once you know your specific giving traits, you can better tailor your philanthropic approach.






MyGiving's MyMission Module

A mission is a powerful way to inform your philanthropy and ensure you’re working toward your giving goals with every contribution and grant. Here is an example of a mission statement from a Vanguard Charitable donor: 


As a first-generation college graduate, I want to support programs that help underprivileged young people succeed in secondary and post-secondary education. 


When you make your driving motivation explicitand when you record it somewhere you'll often visityou'll be surprised at how far it can propel you. Complete the MyMission module today to discover the inspiration behind your giving.





MyGiving's MyGoals Module

Defining the key objectives of your giving is a crucial way to ensure that you are focused on the right causes and communities for you. The more specific the goal, the greater the likelihood of success. Objectives also help indicate whether your philanthropy is as efficient, effective, and impactful as possible. 


With MyGoals, you can identify both your Contribution Goals and Granting Goals to define the many ways in which you will maximize your giving in the year to come. Better yet, develop a plan for both 2024 and 2025 and build a long-term roadmap to philanthropic success.


In addition to the MyGiving philanthropic planning resource, donors will also receive a personalized DAF impact report at the end of each year, making reviewing progress on goals and identifying opportunities to further develop impact a piece of (low-cal) cake.


Re-energize the strategy behind your philanthropy


Just as a resolution to get healthy requires thoughtful consideration and sustained action, so too does your 2024 charitable giving. Health-conscious New Year’s resolutioners have pelotons and meal plans to help them achieve their goals. You have MyGiving. 


Visit MyGiving today to learn more about your philanthropic personality and how a personalized plan from Vanguard Charitable can get your charitable giving into great shape.

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