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September 25. 2020


Donors are giving money in different ways this year, and two new projects are helping them identify the nonprofit groups that can best use their money.

December 24, 2019 


For the first time ever, Vanguard Charitable in 2018 disbursed $1 billion worth of grants made by donors and is on track to surpass that in 2019, according to president Jane Greenfield.

June 4, 2020 


Helping clients realize and execute an effective giving strategy builds trust and elevates an advisor’s ultimate purpose beyond investments and portfolio management to something more meaningful and valuable.

March 22, 2020 


The widespread use of DAFs is evident in their rapid growth. “They’re absolutely taking off,” said Ann Gill, chief philanthropic officer at Vanguard Charitable.


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Looking Under the Hood at Vanguard Charitable


June 14, 2021 


It's arguably the best donor-advised fund affiliated with an asset-management firm for donors who plan to maintain higher account balances.


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5 myths about using donor-advised funds for impact investing

Investment News

May 14, 2021


Continued strong growth in donor-advised funds in recent years, coupled with increasing client interest in ESG and impact investing, has led many national DAF providers and community foundations to expand their investment options to include positive social and environmental change.

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5 Ways Our Finances Changed Over the Past Year — And Why That’s Both Good and Bad

Yahoo Finance 

March 11, 2021


New tools helped people find ways to target their gifts, such as Vanguard Charitable’s Nonprofit Aid Visualizer tool, which uses mapping technology to help people identify areas with the most need and find local charities specializing in COVID-19 relief.

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Philanthropy and COVID-19 in 2020: Measuring one year of giving


March 3, 2021 


The world has been reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic for more than a year now. Every element in our society has adjusted, adapted, and pivoted in some way, shape, or form—and philanthropy is no exception.

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New Tool Helps Banking Providers Capitalize on Charitable Giving

Financial Brand

March 2, 2021


You’d assume the pandemic negatively impacted charities, with financially-strapped consumers holding onto cash more tightly. But actually donations went up sharply during the first six months in 2020. One of the biggest growth areas is donor advised funds (DAFs).


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Schwab and Vanguard: Giving From Donor-Advised Funds Jumped Amid Pandemic


January 29, 2021


The dollar value of grants from DAFs surged in 2020, according to reports from nonprofits linked to Charles Schwab and Vanguard Group. 

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How to Navigate Corporate Giving in 2021

The Chronicle of Philanthropy 

January 11, 2021 


The pandemic has transformed the economy, and corporate philanthropy is no exception. 

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A Simple 7-Step Financial Checklist To Start 2021


January 10, 2021


With 2020 behind us, it’s time to look forward to a new year. Use this opportunity every year to review finances. Create a list of all the accounts, apps and tools you have. Then go down the list one by one to determine if you really need each one. Consolidate investment accounts where it makes sense. 

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Total grant dollars given


Unique organizations supported


Year-over-year grants increase


A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a charitable giving account designed exclusively to invest, grow, and give assets to charities for meaningful and lasting impact. Here's how it works: You donate assets into a DAF and recommend how those assets should be invested. Your contribution is tax deductible and the assets in the DAF grow tax-free. When you're ready, recommend a grant to a charity you care about, and we take care of the rest.

We are the nation’s leading provider of the highest value donor-advised funds. Our charitable investment accounts enable impact to multiply, helping our donors take their giving further. We were founded by Vanguard in 1997 as an independent 501 (c)(3) to make it easier for donors to increase the value and impact of their giving—through lowest-cost, long-term charitable investments. Guided by Vanguard’s time-tested principles of low cost investing, we balance the highest levels of service and convenience with the lowest cost ratios in the industry. We like to say that we help donors take their giving further.


Rebecca Moffett, President Vanguard Charitable


Rebecca Moffett


Rebecca is the third president of Vanguard Charitable, a national donor-advised fund provider and one of the nation's top grantmakers. Throughout Rebecca’s 16-year tenure at Vanguard Charitable, she has held multiple leadership roles touching all aspects of Vanguard Charitable’s business. As a long-time donor-advised fund leader and advocate, Rebecca focuses on furthering the benefits of giving for donors, nonprofit partners, and communities around the globe.


She has earned her bachelor’s degree and MBA from Saint Joseph’s University. In her charitable endeavors, Rebecca is an alumnus of Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Eastern Pennsylvania and is also active in her church community. As president, Rebecca will drive Vanguard Charitable's mission to increase philanthropy and maximize its impact over time.


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