Are you looking for charities to support? Visit our Recommend a Grant page for more information. When you open an account, we provide a charity directory to help you select and learn about charities.

Resources for nonprofits

GuideStar by Candid Seals of Transparency

An easy way for nonprofit organizations to demonstrate their commitment to transparency while telling their real stories.

Definitions of nonprofit organization sizes

Which form exempt organizations file is determined by the organization's size.

Surgo Foundation Precision for COVID-19

Bringing greater precision to the COVID-19 response.

FastForward Tech Nonprofit Playbook

The Definitive Guide to Starting and Scaling a Tech Nonprofit.

Our donors commit to giving back

Donors come to us to make a charitable difference. They open accounts and contribute various, often overlooked, assets. Once added to the account, the funds can only be used to support charity. Giving with a donor-advised fund is a thoughtful and intentional commitment to give back. The assets belong to Vanguard Charitable but donors recommend grants. Before approving those grants, we conduct due diligence to ensure the charities are in good standing with the IRS.


Often donors want to expand their giving and look for new charities to support. We help by offering a free resource called the GuideStar Nonprofit Directory. Visit this page to update or add your organization's profile.

How to better engage with donors who give through DAFs

Are you curious about donor-advised funds (DAFs) and wondering how you can reach out to donors who have DAFs? This blog provides tips on reaching DAF donors.

How grants from Vanguard Charitable benefit your nonprofit

Fewer checks, greater impact

Our grant minimum is $500. Our average grant is $12,000.

Long-term Giving

Donors create ongoing granting schedules, providing stability for nonprofits.

Liquidated Assets

We liquidate securities, mutual funds, and complex assets that turn into grants.

Generational Generosity

Donors can create succession plans to ensure grants for many generations.

Matching gifts

We allow companies to match donor gifts.

Due Diligence

We follow a strict due diligence process and it begins when a donor recommends a grant. To approve a grant recommendation, we are required to research the charity's standing with the IRS. Then we need to confirm that all grant money will be used for philanthropic purposes and that there are no prohibited benefits or taxable expenditures involved in the grant. To complete our due diligence process, we may need to contact you.


Potential information needed from your organization:

  • Contact information
  • Employer identification number (EIN)
  • Legal charity name
  • Mailing address
  • Mission statement

Religious, government or supporting organizations may require additional information. Learn more about our due diligence process.

Thanking Donors

We understand that thanking donors for supporting your organization may be a vital part of your outreach. When donor contact information is provided, you may thank them, as long as acknowledgement of the gift goes to Vanguard Charitable and a tax receipt is not issued. But sometimes our donors decide to give without recognition. In this case, contact information will not be provided. 


Our donors decide what information can be released when a grant is issued. Some donors decide to release their names and contact information. Others decide to give limited information, such as an account name. Still others decide to remain anonymous. The letter that comes with the grant indicates the information a donor allows us to release. We respect our donors' recognition preferences and will not release unauthorized information.

Pledge card alternative

Instead of using a pledge card, we provide nonprofits with an "Intent to recommend" card. Use our card the same way you use a pledge card -- to boost giving, assist with your nonprofit's long-term financial plans and support existing and new donor relationships. The difference between the two is that our "Intent to recommend" card is not a legally binding pledge. Pledges can't legally be fulfilled by a donor-advised fund grant. However, donors can use our card to indicate an intent to recommend a grant. 


Does your organization already have a pledge card? Contact us to help modify it to meet the requirements of an "Intent to recommend" card.


Download “Intent to recommend” Card


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