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Open a philanthropic account

Open a new philanthropic account with at least $25,000 in assets.

Make a contribution

Contribute at least $5,000 in assets to an existing philanthropic account.

Letter of authorization

Authorize a firm to transfer your assets to Vanguard Charitable. A separate Letter of authorization is required for each unique asset type, account registration, and firm.

Contribute to the Sustainable Disaster-Recovery Fund

Contribute to the Sustainable Disaster-Recovery Fund, a field-of-interest fund that supports long-term recovery efforts in areas affected by major disasters.

Corporate/organization standing certification

Authorize specific individuals to act on your organization's behalf, and to certify donations of assets owned by a corporation, LLP, LLC, private foundation, or other non-individual legal entity.

Irrevocable stock or bond power

Authorize Vanguard Charitable to deposit shares of certificates received by Vanguard Charitable that are either unsigned or incorrectly endorsed.

Letter of instruction

Provide cost basis information to Vanguard for specific lot identification.

Delivery instructions for securities

Provide your broker or firm with these instructions to authorize the electronic transfer of your securities and finalize your contribution to Vanguard Charitable.

Establish a succession plan

Craft or change a flexible plan for your account when all current account advisors are unable or unwilling to manage account processes.

Recommend an Endowed Grant Plan

Recommend a new or updated Endowed Grant Plan as part of the succession plan for your philanthropic account.

Recommend a grant

Recommend a grant to charity from your philanthropic account.

Pledge card alternative

Use an "Intent to recommend" card to indicate your intention to recommend a grant to a charity with your philanthropic account.

Account information update

Change the name of your philanthropic account or account advisors.

Interested party access

Authorize a family member, successor-advisor, professional advisor (such as an attorney, financial advisor, or accountant), or other interested party to have access to your philanthropic account.

Steps to terminate a private foundation

Terminate a private foundation and transfer assets into a philanthropic account.

How to value your contribution

Determine the date of contribution and valuation for your charitable gift.

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