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We are proud to partner with TIFF Investment Management to offer your account exclusive access to the Multi-Asset Fund, an actively managed option that gives qualifying donors the opportunity to recommend a long-term investment in a broad range of asset classes. This option is unique in that the fund is traditionally available only to foundations and endowments. Because of its alternative allocation, it is tailored for donors with a long-term, intergenerational perspective who are interested in recommending a buy-and-hold strategy.

TIFF, a cooperative-style investment organization, was founded in 1991 to support nonprofit organizations. Its mission is to:

  • seek to enhance the investment returns of nonprofit organizations.
  • reduce the investment and administrative expenses of nonprofit organizations.
  • broaden the universe of investment choices available to nonprofit organizations.
  • assist nonprofit organizations in deploying their assets in a manner that will support charitable expenditures while preserving the purchasing power of their assets.
  • help nonprofit organizations monitor and evaluate their investment performance.
  • promote within the nonprofit community an understanding of investment management.

The Multi-Asset Fund, which invests in a globally diversified portfolio of equities, fixed income instruments, real estate investment trusts (REITs), commodities, and other securities, is one of our more diversified investment options. A portion of the fund is also carefully allocated to select hedge fund investments. The current target asset allocation, which may vary over time, is shown in the pie chart below. Please note: Actual asset allocation will differ from target.

Current target asset allocation

TIFF allocation

The TIFF Multi-Asset Pool is the name for the Vanguard Charitable investment option that is fully invested in the Multi-Asset Fund. This option, while not right for all our donors, is suited for those with high account balances who are pursuing long-term giving strategies, similar to endowments. The minimum initial investment is $50,000, additional exchanges must be $10,000 or more, and each exchange results in an entry or exit fee. Only accounts with ongoing balances of $100,000 or more are eligible to invest in the Multi-Asset Pool.*

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*Eligibility is subject to Vanguard Charitable's approval and is based on account balance, activity, and patterns. Accounts with balances less than $1 million will be evaluated. A maximum of 90% of your account's total balance may be invested in the Multi-Asset Pool.