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Philanthropists take special pride in the charities and causes they choose to support. Consider what is important to you, research, and recommend a grant to charity.

Our $500 grant minimum was established to ensure our donors make a substantial philanthropic impact without creating administrative burden for recipient charities.1 Keep in mind, nonprofit organizations must process every check they receive. One check for $500, as opposed to five $100 checks, minimizes a charity's time, labor, and resources used to process and allows it to focus on its mission.

One of the unique aspects of a philanthropic account is the ability to grant anonymously or with full attribution. Choose how you want to be recognized--if at all--each time you recommend a grant.

Through your online account, you can research charities and recommend grants. Grant recommendations cannot be made over the phone.

For resources on the relationship between Vanguard Charitable and grantee organizations, visit the nonprofit organizations page.

Donors can follow the steps below to recommend a grant online to their favorite charity.

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1Philanthropic accounts must successfully recommend at least one minimum $500 grant every five years. International grants and grants subject to tailored grant agreements may require larger minimum recommendations.

2Account advisors may not claim a charitable tax deduction for a grant made from Vanguard Charitable, even if the charity provides a tax receipt.

3Timing may vary depending on grant purpose and type of organization.

4An intermediary is an organization based in the U.S. that supports international organizations and causes.

5Direct international grants are researched and approved on a case-by-case basis. Contact Vanguard Charitable before recommending an international grant.