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Bestow to others with a charitable succession plan

With a charitable succession plan, you can pass your philanthropic values and account privileges to loved ones and continue a tradition of giving. We encourage you to include your charitable successors early on in your philanthropy, so they are better prepared to manage your account when the time comes.

Vanguard Charitable offers two primary ways to pass philanthropic dollars to the next generation:

Pass on your account. You can appoint up to two individuals, such as your spouse and one of your children, to assume account privileges. Any individuals can be named account advisors, which allows them to select investment options, change account preferences, and recommend grants. New account advisors may then name new successor-advisors, allowing your original account--and spirit of giving--to continue on for generations.

Legacy Family Option 1

Create new accounts. If you wish to split your philanthropic account so more than two individuals can advise, you may request to have multiple new accounts opened when the charitable succession plan is enacted. Each account requires a minimum initial balance of $25,000.

Legacy Family Option 2


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