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Five tax advantages of a donor-advised fund


Are you getting the most out of your giving?

You give to charity. But are you getting all the tax benefits that you can? A Vanguard Charitable donor-advised fund (DAF) is a charitable giving tool that maximizes both your giving potential and your tax-effectiveness. Here are five tax advantages you can get through our DAF.

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Tax-free growth: Contributions to a donor-advised fund get invested and grow tax-free. This means the return on your charitable contributions can go straight to the charities you admire. Want to give even more? Rest assured that Vanguard Charitable’s ultra-low all-in fees won’t inhibit your account’s growth.

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Unlock new tax-friendly assets: Did you know that savvy donors mix cash donations with in-kind contributions of appreciated securities, private equity, and even real estate? Donating appreciated assets is free of capital gains taxes, and contributions of illiquid assets can solve many estate planning issues for you and your family while simultaneously expanding your philanthropic playing field. Let us help you turn these uncommon assets into gifts to your favorite charities.


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Think long term: A Vanguard Charitable DAF amplifies your giving potential and gives you long-term flexibility, maximizing tax advantages in the years you need them. Whether you are planning a large gift, managing a windfall or high-income year, or looking to continue your giving after retirement, we can help.


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Leave the legwork to us: Prefer to leave the onerous record-keeping to someone else? Grantmaking is hard work, but not with Vanguard Charitable. We conduct due diligence for you so you can rest easy, and we keep comprehensive giving records in one, easy-to-access location so you’re ready for tax season.


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Our low all-in fee: Tax-free growth maximizes your charitable impact. So do our super-low fees. Vanguard Charitable’s all-in fee is simple and among the lowest in the industry. (And it just got lower.)


The sooner you start, the bigger your impact. Don’t wait until December. Boost your charitable giving and make next tax season a breeze.


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At Vanguard Charitable, we offer philanthropic accounts to help individuals fulfill charitable missions that reflect the people and causes they care about most. Together we support thousands of nonprofit organizations every year.

We make it easier to manage charitable donations by alleviating the administrative burdens and time it requires to invest assets, conduct charity due diligence, and issue grants. Donor-advised funds reduce work and streamline costs on your end without sacrificing charitable impact--in four simple steps.

Open a new account $25,000
Additional contribution $5,000
Grant to charity $500