COVID-19: List of highly rated charities

May 18, 2020

In partnership with Charity Navigator, we are providing a list of highly rated organizations that are supporting coronavirus relief efforts. This list is not exhaustive. We have expedited the granting process so your contribution can be put to use as quickly as possible. More information is located below the table.


Charity NameEINAreas of support
Direct Relief


Immediate needs, general relief/aid, relief supplies, providing critical non-cash items, protective gear for doctors to address supply shortages. Items sent include masks, face shields, gloves, surgical gowns, etc.
GlobalGiving300108263Immediate needs, funding other organizations to provide aid, long-term need, general relief/aid, medical services, assistance for children, and relief supplies (providing critical non-cash items)
Project HOPE53-0242962

Immediate needs, general relief/aid, relief supplies, providing critical non-cash items

MedShare 58-2433968

Immediate needs, relief supplies.  providing critical non-cash items

FareStart91-1546757Provides meals to social services, shelters, and schools in the Seattle area, along with life skills and job opportunities for those experiencing homelessness. 
Heart to Heart International48-1108359Medical services
International Medical Corps95-3949646Immediate needs, providing for long-term needs, general relief/aid, medical services, relief supplies, providing critical non-cash items
Good36054-1282616Immediate needs, relief supplies, providing critical non-cash items
World Vision95-1922279Immediate needs, relief supplies, providing critical non-cash items
National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Inc.58-2106707Immediate Needs, Providing for Long Term Needs, General relief/aid, Relief supplies (providing critical non-cash items), Housing and shelter
American National Red Cross – National Headquarters53-0196605General relief/aid, relief supplies, providing critical non-cash items
Americares06-1008595Americares is educating the public about the virus, processing requests for assistance, and sourcing personal protective equipment to protect health workers most at risk. 
Brother's Brother Foundation 34-6562544

Immediate needs, providing for long-term needs, general relief/aid, relief supplies, and providing critical non-cash items.

Lutheran World Relief13-2574963Immediate needs, funding other organizations to provide aid, and medical services.
World Hope International35-1985485Immediate needs, general relief/aid, clean water, and sanitation access.
Child Foundation 93-1148608Relief supplies and providing critical non-cash items. 
Water Mission57-1116978Immediate needs; long-term needs; general relief/aid; water treatment and chlorine supplies; potential emergency-related water and disinfection needs for hospitals and clinics; creation of WASH pamphlets, translated into local languages to combat the spread of misinformation.
CARE13-1685039Distributing soap, water, and hygiene kits; installing 10,000 hand-washing stations and more.
Save The Children06-0726487Support schools and community programs with feeding vulnerable children during the pandemic, provide books, games, and other educational materials, along with after-school and summer programs, to make up for lost time in the classroom.
UNICEF13-1760110Supporting families' urgent needs, disseminating information, curbing learning loss, helping children cope, and providing resources for families with children from preschool to elementary-school age.
Partners in Health04-3567502Provides safe testing, triage, isolation, and treatment for patients with COVID-19, supports government responses to each of its care sites, and mobilizes strong contact tracing systems.
Oxfam America23-7069110Immediate needs, general relief/aid, relief supplies, and providing critical non-cash items.
GiveDirectly27-1661997Financial support to individuals and families.
United Way Worldwide13-1635294Policy advocacy, the creation of and support 211, a national toll-free helpline that connect those in need with local resources, immediate needs, general relief/aid, relief supplies, and providing critical non-cash items. 


How to help locally

To support relief efforts in your area, consider recommending a grant to a local community foundation. These organizations often have extensive insight into the most urgent local needs and can often react quickly to emergenciesCheck out this community foundation locator to find one near you. Or you could use this list of COVID-19 relief funds offered through community foundations.


This database of United Way local chapters provides another way to support the local effort. 


To support these charities or others:

Log in to your online account by clicking the Login button in the upper right corner. Select Grant in the navigation menu at the top of the page and select Recommend a grant in the dropdown.


If the organization is not in your saved charities’ list, type the charity name, region, or interest area in the search bar under Find a charity. Click the magnifying glass to begin the search and then scroll down to see your search results. Charities will appear in a list below. Once found, save the charity by clicking on the star and then click select to begin the granting process. 


You will be asked to select a grant purpose in the first step of the process. Select Disaster Relief: Coronavirus. If you want to donate to a specific disaster or affected area, indicate so in the space provided.


If you do not have access to your online account, you can register by selecting the Login button in the upper right-hand corner. Follow the prompts to register for online access. 


The nonprofit community's response will be ongoing, and as such, these lists are not meant to be exhaustive.

Support coronavirus relief efforts
Support coronavirus relief efforts
Published Date

For additional resources and information on how you can support disaster relief efforts, visit Charity Navigator or reference The Center for Disaster Philanthropy's website. Vanguard Charitable encourages you to approach disaster relief the same way you approach all giving: strategically. Learn more about the best ways to support disaster relief efforts.


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