Opening a donor-advised fund is a powerful way of meeting your charitable goals. If you’ve been considering opening a philanthropic account, read on to discover the benefits of a donor-advised fund (DAF) and see if it might be the right giving vehicle for you.

Maximize tax efficiency

Maximize tax efficiency

  • Immediate tax deductions: When you contribute to your DAF, you receive an immediate tax deduction, reducing your taxable income for the year of the contribution. This not only lowers your tax liability, but also frees up more funds for giving. 


  • Unlock new tax-friendly assets: Use non-traditional assets to support charities. With a DAF, you can donate appreciated securities and complex assets and minimize what you would otherwise pay in capital gains taxes. 


  • Simplify your taxes: When you do your giving from a donor-advised fund, all your charitable tax documents are in one convenient place. With one consolidated receipt for charitable giving, tax preparation is much easier.
Strategic giving

Strategic giving

  • Take your time: A DAF offers you the flexibility to recommend grants to qualified charities at your own pace. This allows you to strategically plan your giving and make a more significant impact over time. You can contribute when you have assets and recommend grants when there’s need. 


  • Choose your level of recognition: When you recommend a grant from a donor-advised fund, you can choose how to be recognized for each grant. 


  • Expertise and guidance: Opening a DAF means you get the added benefit of support from the sponsor of your DAF account. With Vanguard Charitable, you’ll have access to due diligence, resources, and expertise, helping you to navigate impactful philanthropy. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in making informed, meaningful giving decisions.
Invest for greater impact

Invest for greater impact

  • Grow your giving: When you contribute to a DAF, the funds are invested. This means you can potentially grow your account and ultimately generate more dollars for charity. 


  • Long-term impact: With the long-term investment strategy and flexibility of a DAF, you can create a longer-lasting impact on the charitable causes you’re passionate about beyond your initial contribution. 


  • Tax-free growth: Any investment gains within your DAF are tax-free. When you open an account and make a contribution, the growth will remain in your philanthropic account rather than go toward taxes, meaning more dollars for charity.
Continue giving beyond your lifetime

Continue giving beyond your lifetime

  • Simplify legacy planning: With a DAF, your giving potential goes beyond your lifetime. Having a DAF sponsor with tools and expertise in future giving can help you craft your charitable legacy. 


  • Support your favorite charitable causes: DAFs offer succession planning options to help you continue supporting important charitable causes for many years to come. This is your chance to plant the seed for future change. 


  • Teach future generations to give: With a DAF, you can engage the younger generations of your family in your mission. A DAF is a great way to affirm and practice your family’s commitment to giving across generations. Younger generations can be brought into your DAF as successor-advisors, interested parties, or account advisors to have a hands-on role in the philanthropic process.

How to maximize the benefits of a donor-advised fund

Choosing the right partner for your DAF is crucial to getting the most out of the benefits available. If you’re considering opening a philanthropic account, here are some reasons that Vanguard Charitable is the best choice for getting the most from your donor-advised fund.

Experience and expertise:

To truly make an impact, you need a partner who can guide you through making charitable investment decisions, grant due diligence and best practices, and legacy planning. With over twenty-five years of experience in donor-advised funds, Vanguard Charitable has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your philanthropic goals.

Low Costs:

The less you pay in fees, the more funds go to charity. That’s why Vanguard Charitable is committed to keeping costs low with the lowest all-in fee in the industry, allowing you to maximize the impact of your giving.

High-quality investment options:

Investing is a key benefit of a donor-advised fund, so ensure you have access to high-quality, low-cost investment options through your account. Vanguard Charitable offers a range of investment options—headlined by our leading Portfolio Solutions—to suit your preferences and risk tolerance so you can reach your charitable goals.

Excellent Service:

When you need help with your account, you don’t want to be left wondering when you’ll hear back from your DAF sponsor. When you partner with Vanguard Charitable, you're not alone in your philanthropic journey. We’re here to help you and provide superior service every step of the way.

Is a donor-advised fund right for you?

Opening a DAF account is a powerful way to reach your giving goals or even to accomplish what you didn’t think was possible for your charitable giving. With your account, you have flexibility and tools to plan and extend your giving in a thoughtful and impactful way. 


Vanguard Charitable is your philanthropic partner who makes giving simple. With over twenty-five years of experience, we offer insightful expertise, low-cost investment options, and personalized support to ensure you maximize your charitable potential. Don’t wait any longer to empower your philanthropy.


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