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International granting

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We understand and support when a donor's philanthropic intentions extend beyond the borders of the United States. To accommodate individuals who wish to grant to causes and organizations abroad, we developed a process that allows them to make a worldwide charitable impact.

Vanguard Charitable recognizes five types of international grants. They may be approved if the organization and grant purpose satisfy IRS requirements and pass our internal due diligence process.

Type Description
International mission U.S.-based charities that support an international cause.
Intermediary U.S.-based charities that facilitate direct grants to foreign charities. Intermediaries sometimes charge a processing fee, which will be included in a Vanguard Charitable recommended grant.
Affiliate 501(c)(3) U.S.-based affiliate of an international charity, such as "Friends of..." groups, that can accept and process grants for overseas work.
Disaster relief U.S.-based charities focused on responding to international disasters.
Direct aid* Funds sent directly to a foreign organization are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis and may take as long as a few months to process.


Grants issued outside the U.S. require extra attention during the due diligence process. Because of strict IRS regulations, shifting government sanctions, and varying countries' laws, we must take special care to ensure charitable dollars are used for the public good.

Before initiating a grant to a foreign charity, please contact Vanguard Charitable.


*When recommending direct grants to foreign charities, please plan for extended processing time frames, expansive due diligence requirements, higher grant minimums, and additional fees.