Total charitable impact


Matching gifts

Extend your reach

Use matching gifts to maximize your charitable impact. Many employers, or other granting organizations, may be willing to match outgoing grants from your philanthropic account--sometimes a portion of the grant, sometimes dollar for dollar.

Employers may have unique provisions in place or simply prefer to only match gifts to nonprofits and/or projects that align with their business policies. Check with your company to see if it is willing to match grants from a donor-advised fund to your recommended charities.

Because of the complexity around each company's unique matching gift program, and because Vanguard Charitable is committed to keeping business costs low, we do not complete required paperwork on behalf of the grantee organization, business, or donor. Please coordinate with respective parties to ensure your grants are properly matched.

Vanguard Charitable is willing to work with matching gift programs, including contributions into a philanthropic account and grants to charity. Contact us to learn more.