Hawaii Wildfires: Support disaster relief

Aug 11, 2023

Updated on August 15, 2023.


On August 8, 2023, wildfires began in Lahaina, Hawaii, that went on to destroy the historic city. The fires continued in Maui made worse by dry weather and high winds. At least 99 were killed by the fires and thousands of residents have been displaced. The fires are now contained, but the search for people lost in the disaster continues while affected communities seek crucial aid. 


The list below includes nonprofits that are working to bring relief to the people in Maui affected by these wildfires. Your Vanguard Charitable donor-advised fund (DAF) is a flexible and efficient method to provide immediate support in circumstances like these. In partnership with Charity Navigator, we are providing a list of highly-rated organizations responding to the situation in Hawaii. These organizations are allowing funds to be restricted to relief efforts from this particular disaster. The nonprofit community's response will be ongoing, and as such, this list is not meant to be exhaustive.  


**Nonprofits that are signed up for Grant Payments via PayPal and can receive funds more quickly than those sent via paper check.1


Hawaii Community Foundation**



This local foundation is seeking donations to provide necessary resources to the affected communities through the Maui Strong Fund. 

Maui Food Bank, Inc.**



This local food bank normally feeds around 14,000 people but anticipates more than 20,000 will need support due to the wildfires as it provides meals to the residents of Maui.
Maui United Way**



This local organizations is providing financial assistance and accommodations to households and local nonprofits that have been affected by the fires. 
Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Inc.**



CPD will be providing aid and helping with relief after the fires with a focus on addressing the inequities that often go unaddressed in recovery.
Direct Relief**



Shipments from Direct Relief are being delivered to Maui, providing wholesale medical inventory. Personnel have also been deployed to provide medical assistance.
Matthew 25: Ministries**



Matthew 25: Ministries is shipping essential supplies to impacted areas of Maui. The organization will work with local partners to serve the region’s additional needs.



GlobalGiving is helping first responders meet immediate needs and donations will also support long-term recovery efforts as needs emerge with a focus on low-income, historically under-served communities.



OperationUSA provides relief to the most under-served populations, supporting health and education programs in the wake of the disaster.
American National Red Cross**



The American National Red Cross is on the ground in Hawaii. Donations will support their established shelters with food and emotional support provided, and they plan to expand their relief efforts as needed.
Catholic Charities Hawai'i



Catholic Charities Hawai’i is providing relief while following its values of dignity to each person, compassion, social justice, and commitment to excellence.
Maui Family YMCA**



This local organization is providing food, water, and facilities to individuals and families affected by the wildfires. 
Maui Humane Society**



The Humane Society is providing pet supplies and emergency kits to local shelters, caring for injured and displaced animals, and helping to facilitate the search for lost pets. 


To support these charities or others:

Click here to login and recommend a grant: Recommend a grant


If the organization is not in your saved charities’ list, type the charity name, region, or interest area in the search bar under Find a charity. Click the magnifying glass to begin the search and then scroll down to see your search results. Charities will appear in a list below. Once found, save the charity by clicking on the star and then click select to begin the granting process. 


You will be asked to select a grant purpose in the first step of the process. Select Disaster Relief: Hawaii Wildfires in the drop down. If you want to donate to a specific cause or affected area, indicate so in the space provided. 


If you do not have access to your online account, you can register by selecting the Login button in the upper right-hand corner. Follow the prompts to register for online access. 


The nonprofit community's response will be ongoing, and as such, these lists are not meant to be exhaustive.

How to help locally 

To support local relief efforts in affected areas, consider recommending a grant to a local community foundation. These organizations can often react quickly to emergencies and have extensive insight into the most urgent local needs throughout the rebuilding process. Check out this community foundation locator to find community foundations in the affected areas. 

Vanguard Charitable is now issuing grants via Grant Payments with PayPal. To receive a grant from PayPal, the nonprofit must be enrolled with PayPal and confirm their charity status. The above nonprofits marked with an asterisk have a confirmed enrollment status. To learn more about Grant Payments, click here: https://www.vanguardcharitable.org/nonprofit-organizations

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