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As a nonprofit organization, you may benefit from the millions of dollars granted every year by Vanguard Charitable. Our mission to increase philanthropy directly supports our donors' wishes to fund charitable causes—the end result is grants that help you continue the important work you do.

Vanguard Charitable grants to tens of thousands of nonprofit organizations whose missions support a wide range of causes. As a cause-neutral organization, we do not accept grant proposals from nonprofit organizations. We leave the recommendation decision up to our donors, and focus instead on managing administrative details of giving, growing charitable assets, and providing resources to help donors be strategic with their giving.

Our donors are your donors

Granting to Charitable Orgs

Although separate from Vanguard, we were established by the mutual fund company and carry forward its commitment to at-cost investing, transparency, and high ethics. Our donors' contributions are consolidated and invested at the lowest possible cost and allowed to accrue tax-free over time, resulting in larger grants to you.

When donors give with our philanthropic accounts, charities benefit.
Donor Charity
Recommends a minimum $500 grant. Our average grant is nearly $12,000. Processes fewer checks with a greater impact.
Sets up recurring grants and notifies charity. Plans for ongoing gift, which provides stability and allows for long-term budgeting.
Contributes securities, mutual funds, or special assets, which we liquidate. Receives total donation in an easy-to-manage check form.
Establishes a succession plan, such as an endowed grant plan. Continues to benefit from donor's generosity, even after the donor dies, and forms relationships with the next generation of givers.


Considerations for partnering
  • Our donors can express their "intent to recommend" grants to charity with a pledge card alternative. They cannot, however, fulfill legally-binding pledges with assets from their philanthropic accounts.
  • Our donors cannot receive a tax deduction for grant recommendations because they already receive a tax deduction upon contributing assets into their philanthropic account. Feel free to thank them, but do not include a tax receipt. Read more.
  • We encourage donors to get to know your organization before granting, and they will often use GuideStar as a resource. Your organization may update its GuideStar profile here.


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