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Our charitable giving team

Vanguard Charitable's dedicated team works diligently to increase philanthropy in the United States by helping donors achieve their charitable giving missions. View the members of our team below, and hear how they help donors reach their charitable goals every day.

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Jane Greenfield

Brad Caswell
Chief Operations Officer

Kevin Cavanaugh
Chief Financial Officer

Ann Gill
Chief Philanthropic Officer

Rebecca Moffett
Chief Strategic Planning Officer

Our Team

Nicole Acker
Operations Manager

Sarah Bongiovanni
Donor Services Team Leader

Susan Brooks 
Senior Contributions Specialist

Erin Carson
Grants Team Leader

Colleen Cashman
Senior Philanthropic Strategist

Rosanna DeFilippo
Grants Specialist

Mare Emery
Director of Finance and Controller

Julien Franklin
Business Development Specialist

Chris Fujimoto
Business Technology Analyst

Sean Gordon
Marketing Team Leader

Ben Grandis
Donor Services Representative

Katie Haenn
Communications Administrator

Jessica Halpern
Operations Manager

Taylor Helmers
Philanthropic Services Representative

Lauren Herbert
Business Technology Administrator

Roseanne Herres
Operations Specialist

Stephanie Highley
Senior Contributions Specialist

Rachel Holland
Accounting Associate

Vicky Kelberer
Research Project Strategist

Elaine Kenig
Research and Strategy Manager

Kim Klee
Finance Specialist

Lisa Lenker
Risk & Vendor Management Advisor

Karen Levandoski
HR and Benefits Administrator





Cara Levy
Communications Strategist

Lei Liao
Data and Research Analyst

Courtney Long
Philanthropic Services Specialist

Sarah MacAusland Loose
Senior Grants Specialist

Kristy Luminella
Business Technology Administrator

Rayanne Lynch
Grants Specialist

Alexis Mauger
Senior Grants Specialist

John McDevitt
Technology Lead

Natalie McQuiston
Philanthropic Services Portfolio Specialist

Toni Monteiro
Operations Associate

Nolan Mullen
Finance & Brokerage Specialist

Greg Murray
Senior Business Development Strategist

Jessie Neff
Human Resources Manager

Patricia Nordon
Assistant to the President’s Office

Caroline Northrop
Philanthropic Services Specialist

Andrea Nunley
Project Specialist - Technology

Christine Ormsby
Prospect and Client Services Analyst

Jeannie Perry
Operations Associate

Liam Reynolds
Operations Associate

Carla Ries
Director of Technology

Jodi Rosen
Philanthropic Services Senior Manager

Mark Sabouni
Operations Associate

Jennifer Schultz
Operations Associate

Leslie Sellers
Operations Administrator

Jennifer Shaner
Operations Specialist

Christian Staub
Donor Services Representative II

Kathleen Sweeney
Donor Services Senior Representative

Melody Teal

Cindy VanAmburgh
Senior Business Development Executive

Katey Walker
Senior Business Analyst

Amanda Welsh
Project Manager - Technology

Sheila Wheeler
Donor Services Senior Representative

Kaitlin Why
Marketing Analytics Administrator

Craig Wiley
Operations Associate

Chris Ziegler
Finance Specialist II