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What is a strategic philanthropist?
Strategic philanthropists are those who follow a long-term giving plan, one that includes a budget, investment strategy, appropriate time horizon, and specific goals for charitable impact that allow for current and future success.

Strategic philanthropists must also determine how to most effectively use resources–such as money, giving tools, and input from experts and loved ones–to reach their charitable goals. Among other considerations, this approach includes making contributions of tax-effective assets, such as appreciated securities, and selecting a giving tool that most closely aligns with one’s personal preferences and philosophies.

Being a strategic philanthropist is an ongoing process that involves consistent monitoring, evaluation, and, if necessary, adjustment. Below are resources that provide insight on strategic giving and can help you meet your charitable goals.



Philanthropists can measure their success by whether their charitable giving reflects their personal philosophies. Planning for philanthropy–developing goals, budgets, and investment strategies–allows donors to more effectively reach their charitable goals.

  The Vanguard Charitable donor-advised fund
This short guide provides a summary of how a donor-advised fund at Vanguard Charitable works for you to help you meet your philanthropic goals.
    Values-based philanthropy webinar
Listen to a webcast discussing values-based philanthropy and find resources to help you root your charitable giving in your values.

Compare giving options
Review the characteristics of a variety of giving tools available to donors.


What drives your philanthropy?
Determine your values and establish your personal mission statement with the five Ps of values-based philanthropy. 


Find and focus on your charitable passion
Discover how you can find your philanthropic passions and use them to focus your giving
for greater charitable impact.

    A tradition of giving
Learn more about how the tradition of giving is influenced across families and generations.
  Invest in philanthropy
A guide to maximizing the potential for tax-free growth when recommending investments with a donor-advised fund.
    5 best practices for philanthropists
Vanguard Charitable's five vital considerations for philanthropists of all levels.
  Our family's philanthropic plan
Create a mission statement to drive your family's charitable planning.
    Get the most of your DAF
Learn why a Vanguard Charitable donor-advised fund helps you make the most of your commitment to philanthropy.
  Pairing a private foundation and DAF
Private foundations and donor-advised funds are both effective tools for strategic philanthropy, each with its own advantages. However, they can be even more powerful when they are combined.
    Create your charitable plan
Using this worksheet, you can create your mission statement, define your charitable plans, and catalog the steps needed to achieve your philanthropic goals.
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Strategic philanthropy is most effective when donors consider both when and what to give. Contributing assets such as appreciated securities can provide both donors and charities with maximal benefit.

  How to contribute assets
Learn how to contribute a variety of assets to your Vanguard Charitable philanthropic account.
    How to value your contribution
Use this form to assist with valuing your contribution for tax purposes.
  Donating appreciated securities
Discover the benefits of contributing appreciated securities to a donor-advised fund.
    Gifting complex assets
Review Vanguard Charitable's processes and requirements for contributing complex assets such as personal property, insurance policies, and non-publicly traded stock.
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Charitable assets contributed to a donor-advised fund can be invested in a broad range of investment options that span the risk spectrum. These assets then grow tax-free. Donors can recommend investments that best align with their charitable goals and personal philosophies.

  Investment overview
Learn about investing charitable assets with Vanguard Charitable, including our investment philosophy, available options, and current and historical net asset values.
    Invest in philanthropy
A guide to maximizing the potential for tax-free growth when recommending investments with a donor-advised fund.
  My charitable investments
Use this worksheet to plan your investing strategy, including target asset allocation, monitoring habits, and desired contribution and granting patterns.
    Save to give
Discover how your recommended investments can generate additional charitable impact over time when invested strategically to reach your long-term charitable goals.
  Pay less to give more
Consider the effect of fees on your philanthropy and how you can minimize fees to maximize your charitable impact.
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When you donate, you are not simply giving money to a charity; you are aligning yourself with that charity’s mission and values. Pick organizations whose causes and methods fit within your overall strategic giving plan, and support them using effective granting habits and techniques.

  Granting overview
Learn about granting with Vanguard Charitable, including how to recommend a grant and the benefits of our conducting due diligence for you.
    Effective granting
Review how to set goals, conduct research, and recommend grants so that you can tailor and time your giving based on what is important to you.
  Plan to make a difference
Consider the effect of timing on your grant recommendations and learn the granting patterns charities prefer.
    Give without purpose
Discover how to give effectively at year-end--the most active time of year for the majority of nonprofit organizations.
  An inside look: 15,330 donors who are giving to charity with a donor-advised fund
Vanguard Charitable reflects on the last 10 years of granting, analyzing trends in our donors' giving patterns and identifying ways we can all give more.

Focusing your impact: A conversation with GuideStar
Vanguard Charitable's Chief Strategic Planning Officer, Rebecca Moffett and GuideStar's President and CEO, Jacob Harold discuss how donors can use the National Nonprofit Directory to search for charities and evaluate their effectiveness. 

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Continue your philanthropy beyond your lifetime by crafting a giving legacy that reflects your values. Laid out in a succession plan, a giving legacy can utilize one strategy or mix and match different options to build a plan that meets your philanthropic goals.

  Leave a legacy of giving
Review the variety of legacy options supported by Vanguard Charitable's donor-advised fund.
    Save to give
Learn how donors can support charities while also growing charitable assets within a philanthropic account--preparing the account to be passed on to heirs.
  Involving younger generations in giving
Consider these tips for including heirs of all ages in your charitable giving.
    Craft your giving legacy
Explore your succession plan options, such as account transfers to loved ones or endowments to charity, and determine how you will expand your philanthropic legacy into future generations.
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